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Środa, 23 Wrzesień 2020

Internacional relocation

Since we ourselves have performed many international removals, we know better than anyone how stressful the whole process actually is. We also know that it is essential to gain a deep understanding of the needs and situations of each of our clients. For this reason, we organise a free pre-move visit to your home in order to assess your needs, to help with planning and to explain the whole relocation process. We are confident that we can answer any questions you may have because we are experts in our business. This consultation will allow us to  prepare a removal proposal specially tailored to your needs. We have also developed special materials to help you to prepare for your relocation.

We deliver:

  • professional advice from an experienced consultant,
  • a tailored removal plan with preliminary agreements,
  • practical information,
  • removal coordination.

Benefit: a free removal plan tailored to your individual needs.

Once the scope of removal services and date framework are agreed, the removal can finally go ahead. It is carried out by our own experienced team under our constant supervision. We use a wide range of specially-designed cartons and packing materials to ensure that very fragile items and non-standard shaped items are safely packed. We also use extra-secure made-to-measure wooden crates. We ensure that the parts of disassembled furniture are securely packed and prepared for later reassembly. Packed items are then placed in the chosen form of transport ready for shipment.

We deliver:


  • a fully-supervised packing and loading service,
  • a packing list and all documentation required for international transportation,
  • a colour-coded system identifying packages from dedicated rooms,
  • assistance with customs clearance at both ends of the removal process (for packages sent  outside the EU).

Benefit: all your household goods are professionally prepared for transportation.

We offer different modes of transport, depending upon removal destination, size of the move and arrival time requirements.
ROAD: recommended for most removals within continental Europe. Although we often conduct the removal ourselves using our own transport, we also sub-contract out some shipments to a number of specialised transport firms of trusted quality.
SEA: most moves with destinations outside continental Europe are transported by sea. We use containers for individual use or purpose-built wooden crates so-called lift-vans as a cost-effective alternative for smaller shipments.
AIR: the fastest option used only for the smallest moves.

We deliver: the optimal means of transport.
Benefit: economical, secure and timely delivery.


Your household goods are delivered to your new house on time. Deliveries within the EU are usually performed by our in-house removals team. Your goods are under the responsibility of the same staff from beginning to end. However, with sea, air and some road shipments, we engage the services of international firms. Our experience in establishing effective working relationships with trusted partners means that we can offer quality removals services to  anywhere in the world. All packed items are transported to the destination, unloaded and unpacked. We dispose of all waste materials from each removal.

We deliver:

  • assistance – with organising import documents,
  • a complete unpacking service,
  • furniture reassembly.

Benefit: your new home is ready for you to live in.

Our international relocation services can be extended to:

  • the storage of your possessions (both short - and long therm),
  • "Ted Service" – any odd jobs that need doing, such as hanging pictures, are performed by our specialists (so-called “handyman”),
  • transport of cars, motorcycles etc.,
  • pet transportation help,
  • insurance of all your possessions during the removal,
  • placing items on to your shelves,
  • cleaning and other tasks.

Benefit: international relocation require several services providers – Besto offer a single point of contact for all your needs.

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